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have been superior. just have medicare for all which would be most simple. the bill you could probably write on one page. gn afraid of blowing up the system. so the catch-22 is in order not to blow up the system you create a con structure that - well, 85 percent of them have healthcare now which they're reasonably satisfied with. >> that's the problem. same way if you came to me and said are you happy with the fire insurance on your house? >> i don't have a fire. i don't know. >> right. so your satisfied. >> the elderly are most apposed to this and they're actually the ones that have used it a most. >> but that's - who covers the elderly byron? >> medicare. >> yes! >> they all have supplemental. >> but the reason, what weaver seen with the remarkable dynamic is that the people that have government healthcare, the elderly are most concerned about the reform precise because they're happy. >> because the president proposed to cut 1/2 billion dollars. it was the only way he could pay for example tending the coverage to people that don't want it. >> and individualism and freedom
are entitlements. our budget is locked down with social security and medicare and medicaid bills that are unsustainable. if you try to solve these problems, the power of special- interest groups who are against whatever solution you put on the table has gone exponentially greater. can you imagine right in the united states constitution in today's environment -- can you imagine writing the united states constitution in today's environment? the power of money on the ability to find consensus on the hard things has gotten greater. i am not true that is going to hard decisions. i worry about this decision. >> we could not have gone the constitution if it had been negotiated on c-span. >> corporations do not want to be hated, for the most part. they have many ways to pour more money into the political process if they wanted to and they have chosen not to. to cross that line and suddenly decide that, as a corporation, i want to defeat lindsay gramm of north carolina and those corporations are in sentences co, boston, and new york city, that is -- are in san francisco, boston, and in ne
on medicare cuts new regulations, penalties, people ads looking at the health care reform as constitutional, if it does not violate the excessive fines and punishment. you can go to jail or pay a fine for not having this kind of program. all of these are very legitimate concerns that people are taking security and affordability. people talk about security -- is national security but it is also a social security. affordability -- that can beat the tax and the deficit, that could be college tuition, that could be the cost of living and quality of life, that could be entrepreneurship. wall street, main street -- all of that has to do with affordability. that is what we hear is important to the voters going into 2010. with respect to the new democratic congress, how will that bode well for republicans? it may bode even better for conservatives. many people laughed when we talk about how conservatism is on the upswing when present obama got reelected. the gun and 60 votes in the senate, including al franken, but it turns out that they could not pass many of the things that they could not pat bri
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3